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Scramble Game - Word, Phrase, Place etc.
[Chinese: 學中文, 排字遊戲 - 認字,打字].

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August 2017
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Word Scramble Game (sample screen print)

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Chinese Scramble Game (sample screen print)

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Chinese Self Training - Chinese writing recognition (sample screen print)

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WordTyping (sample screen print)

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D O W N L O A D : Cut-N-Paste
E N G L I S H:

    English 12000+;
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中 文 倉 結:

    倉結 Chang Jei (HK)   

    Keystroke (HK)    

    Quick (HK)     

Pinyin 拼音参考 - 臺灣/大陸/香港:

(may take 2 minutes)

English to Chinese[Translation]

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  • Scramble Game - English Word and Phrase

  • Scramble Game - Chinese Word and Phrase

  •   ABOUT CHINESE, please read below:

  •   Chinese is also a self-training, writing recognition 

  •   User will Learn how to  type [ a-a-a-b-n-n 蕉 香, to banana 香蕉 ]

  •   Ideal  for foreign born Chinese kids,  all students.

  •   Self training material output will be stored on cell, tablet or desktop.

  •   Scramble text are in  Traditional Chinese, the type-out will have  ALL -  Traditional, Simplified and Pinyin.

  •   Chinese levels::
     • Elementary: First/Second Grade level
     • Middle[Restaurant Menu Reading]
     • Advance[long words, phrases etc.

  •   About the Chinese Speaking Lesson:  User should  ask  parent,  or  a Chinese instructor,  choose a dialect, may be Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese etc. The good about the written text is  are they are the same throughout all dialects.



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LEVELS: Elementary, Middle[Restaurant Usage], Advance.
For example,
English+Chinese - [Elementary初級]
Chinese Only [ 初 級 ] 
TYP-TYP this - a a a b n n 蕉 香 --> b a n a n a 香 蕉...

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